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Photo Boards Photography Backdrops

Instantly transform small scenes with Photo Boards®, True 1:1 scale backgrounds of original Wood, Stone, Metal & Fabric textures, created and sourced by renowned Commercial Photography expert Lyndsey James.

Photo Boards® are created with advanced 3D scanning technology to emulate shadow depth in typical lighting scenarios.

The innovative design & print processes used in the creation of Photo Boards® ensures they look just like real textures in your photos and are the perfect alternative to the many flat, false looking backgrounds that are just printed photos.

Photo Boards® are designed for photographing small items. Subjects have physical contact with the photo background, so true 1:1 scale and realistic shadow depth is essential for creating realistic scenes.

40cm Photo Boards® are perfect for jewellery, books and flowers, while the 60cm designs make room for table settings and photographing slightly larger items.

Portable, lighweight and wipe clean, Photo Boards® have become the essential tool for professional product and food photographers worldwide.

Food Photography Backgrounds

With a smooth lustre finish, Photo Boards can be wiped clean of crumbs and spills making them the perfect background for food photography.

Blogging Photo Backdrops

The on-trend beautiful styles on offer make capturing stylish photos a breeze and bloggers love how the rigid design of Photo Boards make styling quick scenes easy.

Backdrops For Product Photography

Photo Boards add beautiful background textures to close up photography, making Photo Boards ideal for jewellery photo backgrounds, ceramic photography backgrounds, Etsy photo backgrounds, flatlay photo backgrounds and many more product types.