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Photo Boards® Focus On: FARMHOUSE.

Our bestselling rustic wood style, complete with stains and scratches.

Farmhouse Rustic Wooden Tabletop Photo Board

The FARMHOUSE design is our bestselling Photo Board and a customer favourite. This board can be used as both a horizontal or vertical backdrop. The wooden boards in this design could replicate a rustic wooden farmhouse table top, or worn wooden floor boards. It could even be used as a fake wooden wall to imitate a cosy wood cabin.

The neutral tones are perfect for soft and natural lighting and the realistic stains and scratches add an authentic charm. With the high print quality of Photo Boards®, you can confidently get close to your subject and capture the beautiful detail of the background.

Farmhouse Wooden Table Top Background

We wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the importance of scale in product photography. It can be a good idea to show a relatable sense of scale in product photography and the FARMHOUSE Photo Board is great for this. The wood grain, knots and realistic holes in the wood help create a sense of scale that the viewer can relate to. The natural wooden tones in the design can add a neutral look to your images, so as not to distract too much from the subject.

This rustic wooden design can help reinforce strength, robustness, reliability and longevity in your product photography.

Farmhouse Table Photo Board

There are so many uses for our FARMHOUSE Photo Board. The rustic qualities of a farmhouse table makes it the perfect backdrop for food photography or flat lay. Along with some rustic utensils or cutlery and a well placed linen napkin, you can easily create the perfect scene for your food photography. Whether shooting an old family recipe, a delicious cake or a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread, this design can be used time and time again.

Farmhouse Photo Board with Scissors

The straight edges of the wooden planks create a very satisfying backdrop to display artwork or crafts. Lining up the edges of your artwork to sit parallel with the planks can give your images a tidy and organised look. Displaying any kind of hand crafted work on a rustic worktop like this can add a handmade/artisan aesthetic to your photos, this can be helpful when trying to sell your work.

Placed on the floor and pushed up tightly to some skirting board and the Farmhouse Photo Board could imitate some worn floor boards. Alternatively, transport your viewer to the garden shed by creating a small scene complete with garden scissors, some foliage and maybe even some mini plant pots.

Photo Boards wipe clean easily so you can tidy up quickly after your shoot and store your flat Photo Boards® conveniently ready for your next shoot.

FARMHOUSE pairs particularly well with other warmer tones Photo Boards® like ROMA, VENICE, SPOTLIGHT and CLAY.

Farmhouse and Roma Photo Boards


Sean Graham
Online Manager

Photo Boards®

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