How to photograph art on your Photo Boards®

How to photograph art on your Photo Boards®

You don’t need to hammer a nail through your beautiful Photo Board to display your artwork. With a couple of nifty tricks, you can create this illusion from a simple, flat table top setup.

How to photograph art on your Photo Boards®

First, find your light. We’re using window light here. Turn off any artificial or fluorescent lights in the room (to avoid getting any colour casts) and lay your Photo Board on a table by the light source. It pays to study the shadows on your Photo Board, and make sure you get these aligned with the natural shadows cast by the sunlight.

It’s likely that sunlight would naturally fall on the side of your subject if it were hanging on the wall, as opposed to, say, shining upwards. So it’s a good idea to try to replicate this when you place your art on the board.

Taping twine to Photo Board

Next, decide what you will use to "hang" your art. We're using a heart shaped metal hook, and a piece of leather twine. When you hang something on the wall, the string or twine you’re using is going to pull tight as the weight of the art pulls down. We’re imitating this by taping the hook and twine to the board.

Placing the art over twine

Finally, we’re going to place our frame over the taped-down twine, and shoot this from above, to create the illusion of standing in front of your wall-hanging art.

Photographing Art on Photo Boards Examples

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