Happy Valentines Day!

We are excited to be welcoming Photo Boards super fan and brand ambassador Erica from Caca Craft to write a guest blog for us all about using her boards for Valentines themed photos. Over to you Erica!


Farmhouse photo board

Hello everyone, how are we doing today? I'm very happy to be on the Photo Boards blog today as a guest blogger and I have lots of love to share so why don't you grab your drink of choice and settle in.

Before I get into what I'm doing here, let me introduce myself a bit; I’m Erica, coffee, cake, chocolate and cheese are my drugs of choice. Oh, and I love, love, love crafting and photography. Anything creative really, that's my jam. Which kind of leads me to the 'what I'm doing here' thing: I got challenged by the good people at Photo Boards, to write a blog post and take some photos with a Valentine's Day theme using my selection of PhotoBoards.


Dipped Strawberries


It's entirely possible I went a bit mad with buying edible props for these photos but you know, it happens easily when you are excited. Right?

Here I wanted my props, both edible and non-edible, to pop! So the Whitewashed photo board came out, you really can't beat it when it comes to taking pictures of colourful things.

For this picture I wanted to look a bit like a Valentine's Day breakfast offering left out by The Man for me to find in the morning. White chocolate dipped strawberries with a side of whipped cream. Wouldn't that be a gorgeous way to start the day


Whitewashed wood Photo Board backdrop


If you or your sweetheart is into photography, whether as a hobby or for work, I can recommend a PhotoBoard (or a gift voucher) as a present for them/treat for yourself.

For the photos I have taken for this blog post, I have used my own selection of boards, the Whitewashed photo board is also one of my favourite, go-to-boards. It works for everything! This one is a must-have in my book. In keeping the photo simple, without the usual Valentine's Day over-the-top-ness, it works for those who want to say 'love' without all the bells and whistles. Besides, not everyone likes red, and white is a timeless classic.


Bench Photo Board backdrop


For this photo I really wanted a moody look so I went with one of my other favourite boards which is Bench. That dark wood with the natural vignette is just gorgeous and frames your object beautifully without any props needed. It's such a simple photo but honestly, does it need anything else?

Photo Boards have transformed the way I take photos and without sounding like my head is going to explode from an inflated ego, my photos have never looked better!  I wanted to keep my Cozy Up card shot relatively simple and not clog up the frame too much, letting the Photo Board shine a little too. By keeping the card in focus and letting the flowers be slightly out of focus, it gives a soft and romantic feel to it.


Barn Photo Board backdrop


One of my favourite things about the boards is that they are so versatile, whether you are looking to take themed romantic photos, still life pictures of items for sale or simply want your photos to look fabulous.

Above I sprinkled the heart confetti over the board and placed my props where I wanted them. The props do not have to be big, elaborate things, they really don't. For this photo for instance I merely used a tea towel, a candle holder,  flowers as in some of the other photos, another card I made as well as our coffee cups. Oh, and the arm of The Man of course.


Barn Photo Boards backdrop


You could be excused for believing that these last shots were my kitchen table and don't I wish!? Nope, it's the Barn photo board which is a slightly more rustic look than Farmhouse board (pictured at the very top).

With its darker look it easily works as a beautifully aged wooden table or it would work just as well as a floor. For this photo I used a lovely metallic plaque we got whilst on our honeymoon, some flowers which I tied together myself with some foliage from our garden, a glass bowl of chocolate balls and a sweet card I made for my darling husband.


Barn Photo Boards backdrop


I generally think we all need a bit more love and romance in our lives, whatever it is that we define as romance, the small stuff or the big stuff. Spread some kindness and love to the ones who matters to you. It makes for happier people in my opinion.

Right, well... I have indeed babbled on for a while now, hopefully you will leave feeling a bit inspired. If you want to buy a Photo Board you are in the right place, just hop on over to the shop area (don't forget to check out my @erica_cacacraft Instagram for a discount code). If you want to keep catching glimpses into my world or look at more of my pictures with the boards, find me and say hello.

I really am going now. Ok, bye. Bye-bye. See you soon. Alright, bye now.

-Erica x


  • Posted on by Sandra F

    Awesome posts and photos..definitely I would agree that the boards have taken your photos to a new level.

  • Posted on by Tracy Hawkins

    Great post Erica! You use these lovely boards so well! Congrats! I am being so tempted by these! ?

  • Posted on by Laurie

    You rock, Erica!!

  • Posted on by Emily M.

    Wonderful post, Erica! I really want some of these photo boards. Between you and Jessica, i have been enabled!! Beautiful photos, and even more beautiful cards. (And edible props ?)

  • Posted on by Laura Jane

    You do the photo boards justice Erica!! LOVE The Farmhouse board:))))

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