Essential Apps for an Easy Life

As many of you reading this will know, running a business and a team of creative people requires military planning. Thanks to technology, it's easier than ever to keep on top of all the demands of entrepreneurial life. For me, the perfect app saves me time or enriches my life in some way. I use Android devices but all of the apps listed below are available on most platforms.


Google Keep

Perfect for...

Notes, shopping lists and image clippings. My husband and I collaborate on the same shopping and housework lists and put satisfying little ticks in the checkboxes as we go!



Perfect for...

Managing multiple projects and keeping the team organised. You can set deadlines for tasks, invite colleagues to collaborate and use checklists to break up bigger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. You can also colour code your cards. We use a traffic light system at Photo Boards® where yellow is a new idea, orange is for tasks that are currently in progress and green is for anything we've completed.



Perfect for...

Keeping fit and healthy! It's so easy when you run your own business to sit at your desk all day and only move to get a cuppa so I especially love the hourly reminder to get off my butt and have a stretch!


Glow Guides by Madeleine Shaw

Perfect for...

Beautiful recipes, fitness routines and more! Madeleine is a favourite food writer of mine and her app is full of food inspiration and easy exercise plans that you can do in your living room.



Perfect for...

Having the control of a DSLR on a smartphone. You can adjust exposure, ISO, white balance and more with this professional photography camera app.



Perfect for...

Business bookkeeping and accounting. Thanks to the app keeping me on track throughout the year, my annual tax return takes just five minutes so I can spend more time on the things that matter like designing new Photo Boards®!



Perfect for...

Keeping track of multiple social media streams. You can adjust the same post to fit different platforms and repeat key messages as many times as you like. You can also monitor particular hashtags to see what people are saying about your business or brand.



Perfect for...

Music for all moods. Favourites for the office include 'Productive Morning' and 'Your Office Stereo' (both found in the 'Focus' section under 'Home'). I also love to listen to business podcasts when I run to keep up-to-date with what's happening in the industry.



Perfect for...

Books in a blink! My reading list is so long and time so short. Although this app is admittedly not as great as the real thing, Blinkist condenses popular non-fiction titles into bitesize takeaways, allowing you to learn and absorb the best lessons either by reading the five minute highlights or listening to them while you make your lunch.



Perfect for...

Selfies! I know, I know, it's a totally vain app, but when someone insists on a selfie, grab your Airbrush app and the whole process is less painful as the bags and wrinkles from all those late nights and early mornings disappear!

Which apps can't you live without?