How to create a delicate, romantic photo style

Beautiful, delicately styled photographs are a joy to create and easy to achieve. I have demonstrated this with very simple subjects in the photos below, none of them include a whole stage of props, just my subject, a Photo Board and some natural daylight.

This week I am sharing tips for creating soft, delicate, romantic styled photos perfect for wedding, jewellery, beauty, gift and baking photo themes. I have selected my favourite Photo Boards that I turn to when I'm looking to add soft hues of pink, stone and grey to my scenes, and have some photography styling tips to share with you on how to use them for dreamy results.

Photo Boards backdrops for delicate photo styling

Working with shadows

One of the very first Photo Boards to go on sale, the Putty Photo Board backdrop, pictured above, is a favourite of mine and one of yours too, with many of you turning to the slightly grungy mix of greys and plaster blush pink tones as a backdrop for cake photography, jewellery photography and of course floral photos.

Small subjects can be positioned in different areas of the board for different effects, depending on whether you want more grey or more blush in your scene. Here I positioned this small vase on the midway point where grey meets blush.

The texture of this Photo Board is very effective, especially if you align the direction of the shadows with the shadows from your subjects. Notice how both the real shadow from the vase, and shadows from the texture in the board design both fall towards the lower left side of the frame?

The light is falling forward from the window behind which is also a handy trick for bringing flowers and foliage to life, back lighting them for added oomph! Thanks to Photo Boards being light weight I simply rotated the set to adjust the lighting position.

Due to demand we are releasing a 40cm version of Putty called Blossom this September!


Photo Boards backdrops for delicate photo styling

Choosing the right photo props

One of the new Summer collection and already a huge hit with jewellery designers is the Roma 60cm / Crackle 40cm design pictured above. The slightly warm stone tones with dramatic cracks add texture and interest to tiny subjects where there is often little room for props.

With particularly small items such as jewellery, any props you do include should be small too. Above I used a small jewellery dish in matching gold and added a few dried petals in subtle pastel tones. Of course you could just add the petals, or use a small tile or plate if you want to add a further layer to your scene or something to prop up your subjects, but this Photo Board has enough interest that you could just use the backdrop alone without any props at all.

If you love to photograph gold items this Photo Board backdrop is a must-have for your wishlist. Check out our new Wishlist function that we are currently working on to save it into your faves. (it's a little bit 'buggy' but almost working!)

Softening the light in your photos

Another of our new Summer collection, Old Tuscany 60cm / Tuscan Blush 40cm has a dusky pale pink, peach, grey and stone coloured tiled appearance and can be used for capturing bright fresh scenes or for darker moods. 

This design could be teamed with any other Photo Boards from this blog to create an L shaped set (although French Linen and these tiles work better as bases than walls).

I have used natural daylight in all of these shots with no reflectors or diffusing screens on this occasion, just the light from a window (to the right of the scene) on a cloudy day. The clouds soften the light for me, but if your sunlight is shining too bright, use a diffusing screen or make your own by attaching a piece of voile or muslin to an old picture frame edge.

Photo Boards backdrops for easy photographic styling

Using texture instead of props

Back to the original Photo Boards collection now and another favourite of mine for creating a subtle romantic style, the French Linen Photo Board.

Only available as a 40cm design at the moment this lovely rustic piece of Linen that I actually picked up in Normandy, hence the name, is perfectly creased to give a realistic effect photographed side on like this or from directly above. When you don't have any props and just want a simple, understated style, the neutral tones of the French Linen Photo Board let the colours in your subject shine through.

The weight of the thread in this Linen design is enough to show without being too heavy, so still a lovely surface for delicate subjects like this dried rose.

Photo Boards backdrops for delicate photo styling

Using dried flowers for faded tones

As you can see from this post I love the faded tones of dried flowers for creating a delicate, feminine style and you can bring them out time and time again for props. I often use them with jewellery but they could be used for baking, wedding, gift and beauty themes too.

Hang flowers vertically with their heads facing down to allow them to keep their shape during drying. I love to hang them from the ceiling beams above our dining table, they look so pretty..

For the shot above I used brushed silver cutlery which is just so lovely when teamed with stone and pastel tones (and easier to photograph because not as reflective as non brushed silver), the backdrop is my Merino mottled plaster texture background which is soft as wool in appearance, hence the name, but textured enough to add interest to even a blurred background. If you have subjects in pastel tones to photograph I highly recommend this one as a warm background without being too yellow.

I hope you have enjoyed my first inspiration post, I'm already planning my next Photo Boards inspiration for you and hope you will pop by next week to read more.

- Lyndsey

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  • Thanks Carole! So lovely to hear you are proud of your photos now, long may that continue!

  • Lyndsey,

    I have been selling online for ages and my biggest bugbear is the photography – not my scene! A lot of what I sell are low value one offs and not worth spending ages on the photos – that’s my excuse anyway. However, having read your very helpful notes re lighting I purchased ‘Farmhouse’ board and in less than 5 minutes of its arrival I have a photo I am proud to use for a change. Will enjoy playing over the Bank Holiday and have already recommended your boards to other online sellers. Please keep up the good work! (Several of my fellow sellers would like to suggest a beach type background if you could add that to the ‘to do’ list). Will be back for an alternative board soon. Please keep the tips coming


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