Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Photo Boards® Customers

Mother's Day is just around the corner so this year, we thought we'd bring you some gift ideas from our super talented Photo Boards® customers. We've found the best cards, edible treats and jewellery to make your mum's day... and a few just to remind her how lucky she is to have you!



Funny Card from Six Eleven Creations

Subtly remind your Mum that you are the best present she could ever wish for with this funny card from Six Eleven Creations. Photographed on our COAST/WHITEWASHED Photo Boards® background, we love how the pop of colour on the cards stands out against the neutral textured effect background.


'Mum Knows Best' Card from Hunter Paper Co.

Make her day by admitting defeat and accepting that Mum really does know best when it comes to... well, just about everything really with this gorgeous letterpress card from Hunter Paper Co. Shot against our BLOSSOM/PUTTY Photo Boards® background, this photo makes use of the whole board with the subtle greys and pinks contrasting the bright colours of the card.


Watercolour Card from Izzy & Pop

What better way to let your Mum know how loved she is than this beautiful printed watercolour card from Izzy & Pop!? The cool and warm wood tones of our FARMHOUSE/CABIN Photo Boards® backgrounds perfectly complement the peach and cobalt blue colours of the card.


'Number One Mum' Card from AV Typography

Self-taught calligrapher and GCSE student Amy is nailing the hand-lettered trend with this modern printed card from her business AV Typography. Photographed by Girl Behind the Lens using our COAST/WHITEWASHED Photo Boards® background, we love how she has used sprinkles to add fun and colour to the scene.



Daffodil Biscuits from Juliet Stallwood Cakes and Biscuits

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach but we're pretty sure that goes for mums, too! These beautiful daffodil biscuits from Juliet Stallwood Cakes and Biscuits are, in the words of baking powerhouse Mary Berry, 'sheer perfection'! We love how the bright yellow of the icing pops against limited edition (no longer available) Photo Board STORM and Juliet's innovative use of green ribbon to replicate the flower stems.


Chocolate Teddy Lollipop from Cocoa Delicious

This adorable chocolate teddy lollipop from Cocoa Delicious might even be too cute to eat! Who are we kidding!? It is chocolate, after all! Don't you just love the texture of our MARBLE/COSMOPOLITAN Photo Boards® background against the smooth milk chocolate of the lollipop!?


'Love You Mum' Biscuits from Sugar Plum Bakes

If you've ever wondered what edible art looks like, you need look no further. These delicate hand-painted cookies from Sugar Plum Bakes are sugar-coated perfection on a plate! They aren't available to buy online but you can contact the company by filling out a form on their website and they will send your order through the post. Another example of our BLOSSOM/PUTTY Photo Boards® in action, it just goes to show how versatile they are!




Geometric Necklace from Jack & Freda

For the fashion conscious mum, this geometric metal necklace from Jack & Freda is right on trend. We're loving this monochrome look, with our CEMENT Photo Boards® background adding a texture effect against the polka dot backing card.

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