BREEZE 40cm Photo Board Linen Effect Photography Backdrop
BREEZE 40cm Photo Board Linen Effect Photography BackdropBREEZE 40cm Photo Board Linen Effect Photography Backdrop
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This Photo Board is a subtle, fine texture linen effect with little dark flecks in the cotton that give a rustic feel. It is creased just the right amount to give very subtle shadows and interest in your photo background. This design is created from of a favourite piece of linen that I use in photos, but I love how the board version also looks like crushed paper when photographed, so it is a really versatile alternative to a plain white background.

The thread is so fine that it is not clearly visible, unlike my French Linen design which is a very heavy, almost hessian weight texture. (if you want to see the texture of linen in your shots I recommend using that design instead).  -LJ

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The ultimate combination of style & functionality, Photo Boards® have quickly become the go-to tabletop photo backdrops for amateur and professional photographers alike. Give your photos a creative, professional edge and up your styling game by growing your very own collection of beautiful, on-trend backdrop designs. 

Bring your small lifestyle scenes to life using stylish new backgrounds that look just like real floors, walls and tables, without having to spend weeks sourcing the real thing. Photo Boards® neatly stack on your studio shelf and are ready to use in an instant, simply lay flat or prop up behind your subjects and shoot!

Conveniently portable, you can easily follow the light with Photo Boards®, making them the perfect backdrops for location photographers and home-based creatives.


40 x 40 cm = 3 mm depth

60 x 60 cm = 3 mm depth

The printed design is an actual size reproduction of a textured surface. The lines and blemishes from the original are included in the printed design for a super real look, any imperfections from the original add to the authentic styling of your photographs. See the close-up photos for more detail.

Screen colours vary and the actual design may appear different in colour to your screen. Try viewing on several different devices. If you are unsure, contact us with any questions, we are happy to help!


4.5/5 STARS

"Photo Boards capture the texture of the original surface, which translates to a highly effective and realistic backdrop when lit evenly by natural light.They save you the time and hassle of sourcing the perfect still-life surface."  JUNE 2018

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