Hello! Welcome to my Photo Boards® store! I'm Lyndsey James, a Commercial Photographer and Photography Tutor.

I designed Photo Boards after searching high and low for high quality photo backdrops for small subjects. The many large paper/vinyl options out there just didn't give me the stability of surface and clarity required for the close up work of a product photographer, so I decided to design my own!

I love using the boards myself, even though I could use the original surfaces that the boards are replicas of! They are so light weight yet designed to be super strong. I love how I can just quickly switch between boards without any hassle to get the look that I want, and I must say they make social snaps a breeze!

Now your backdrops can be more beautiful and easier to use than ever before ♥

Why Choose Photo Boards®?

  • The true beauty of Photo Boards® is the high resolution clarity in the designs thanks to being printed onto a smooth solid surface.
    • Photo Boards® are exact 1:1 scale replicas of original and unique designs. They face up to macro lens scrutiny without any visible pixelation or texture patterns appearing from the printed material, as often found with vinyl alternatives.
      • Designed by a Photographer for Photographers, Photo Boards® are loved by both professionals and home based photographers who wish to create a professional look for their social feed, blog or retail business.
        • Photo Boards® can be easily propped up against a wall or an object on your table, for an instant new fake wall behind your scene without any structures, supports or taping required.
          • They can be used with another board for a realistic table/wall combo thanks to the straight edges and solid design.
            • Photo Boards® are lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry your subjects on, allowing you to easily relocate your flatlay scenes to a new window or set your scene aside while you work on other tasks.
              • Photo Boards® are shipped worldwide by our experienced dispatch team!

                If you would love to see a particular style or texture then feel free to contact us with your ideas we would love to hear them.

                About LJ

                As a commercial photographer in the UK for many years I now spend my days teaching my art to a global audience online through my Photocraft® Online Photography School and speaking at craft and business events about the art of photography for retail. I still keep a little time for photography too!

                From a studio in England's smallest county of Rutland, myself and my team of creative assistants work hard to help your business achieve great things through great photography. My products and services have retailers, artists, makers and bloggers at the heart of what we do.

                Photo Boards® are dispatched from our warehouse facility in the south of England around the world to an audience of bloggers, craft designers and artists. Tag #PHOTOBOARDSHQ on Instagram to share your boards in action!

                - Lyndsey James


                Lyndsey has made guest speaker appearances at events for: