Photo Boards are the photography backdrops taking the photography world by storm.

Designed by product photographer Lyndsey James they are the solution that photographers, product designers and bloggers have been searching for - a faux table top backdrop that looks real, even when photographed up close.

Many faux backdrops are simply enlarged prints of walls and floors (sometimes just prints of stock photos that you could do yourself!), some are digitally created floorboards that look false, and some are just enlarged so much that you can't possibly use them for close up work because they are not to scale and look pixelated.

With Photo Boards®, every tiny feature from the original texture is captured and replicated to a precise 1:1 scale with the perfect level of shadows, depth and detail to look real in your photos. Photo Boards® look so real in images that they are a hit with pro photographers, famous brands and hobbyists around the world.

Photo Boards® are dispatched from our warehouse in the south of England and are now sold by select retailers too.

Why Choose Photo Boards®?

  • The true beauty of Photo Boards® is the high resolution clarity in the designs and smooth solid surface - no more wavy rolled backgrounds that need pinning down!
    • Photo Boards® are exact 1:1 scale replicas of original and unique designs. They face up to macro lens scrutiny without any visible pixelation or texture patterns appearing from the printed material, as often found with vinyl alternatives.
      • Designed by a Photographer for Photographers, Photo Boards® are loved by both professionals and hobby photographers.
        • Photo Boards® can be easily propped up against a wall or even propped against a free-standing object on your table (like a wine bottle) thanks to the lightweight design. No structures, supports or taping required.
          • They can be used with another board in an L shape formation for a realistic table/wall combo thanks to the straight edges and solid design.
            • Photo Boards® are lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry your subjects on, allowing you to easily relocate small set ups to a new window or set your scene aside while you work on other tasks.
            • Photo Boards® can be gently wiped clean, perfect for food photographers!
              • We have an experienced dispatch team looking after your delivery so you know you will get a great service.

                About Lyndsey

                As a professional photographer of 15 years, Lyndsey James has worked with many boutique brands and launched one of the first Photography & Styling e-courses from her Photocraft® school of Photography. Photocraft® e-courses and webinars quickly reached global success and have educated students in 6 continents of the world on the art of capturing beautiful photos of their craft.

                With the recent addition of Photo Boards to the Lyndsey James brand, Lyndsey now teaches Photocraft workshops exclusively in person from her home county of Rutland, England, and is working on a Photocraft Youtube channel to teach all the wonderful ways that you can use Photo Boards (watch this space!).

                Now a renowned name in the world of retail photography, Lyndsey also makes guest appearances at business and craft events and has worked for: