Ambassador - Cake & Moss


"On this journey, I have discovered that photography has also become a passion."

I am a mum of three who loves nature and being outdoors. I have had a passion for baking since I was a child but want to inspire others to give it a go if they don't do already. Getting in the kitchen with the children is so important to me. I am gluten free so if I can turn a favourite recipe into a gluten free version that is as good as the original, I'm happy. I hate anyone missing out!

I adore anything vintage and love to give something a new lease of life, furniture, clothes etc. I love being creative and incorporating nature or botanical elements into whatever I create, so flowers play a massive part in my life and I really enjoy growing them too, especially edible flowers for using during the summer.

On this journey, I have discovered that photography has also become a passion. I would much rather be taking the photo than having my photo taken and enjoy photographing my bakes, flowers, nature and flatlays, basically anything that is not moving!

My Favourite Photo Boards

My favourite Photo Boards are SPLASH, SPOTLIGHT and CEMENT. I love how versatile they are, not only to be used as an instant portable surface and taking photos on but also as a backdrop which can be in focus and I adore them slightly blurred.

SPLASH - This is the board I pick up most often for so many photos because of its pale grey tone which suits so many of my photos. It adds texture to the background whilst creating a blank canvas for you to create an image on. It looks good when creating flatlays, styling products on or as a backdrop.

SPOTLIGHT - I love this board as a moody contrast to whatever I am taking a picture of. It looks amazing slightly out of focus and makes pretty much all colours pop.

CEMENT - I really like using this one vertically and works really well with florals.


"The pale grey tones suit so many of my photos"



"Makes pretty much all colours pop" 



"Works really well with florals"