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Our Brand Ambassadors

Let us introduce you

Our Brand Ambassadors are Photo Boards® advocates. They all love using Photo Boards for their own creative ventures and we are delighted to welcome them on board to inspire you with their beautiful imagery. When considering your next purchase, browse our current Ambassadors on Instagram and you will see which Photo Board they have used in their latest shots. If you have any questions, ask them! They are super lovely people too.

Essentially Emma Ambassador Profile


I enjoy food photography because of how creative you can get with styling the food and the backdrop.

Essentially Emma

Rosebud Casson Ambassador Profile

Natural objects are so interesting to shoot because you never get two quite the same.

Rosebud Casson

The Boho Baker Ambassador Profile

From farm produce to foraged wildflowers, I do my best to ensure that I know the origins of all of my ingredients from field to fork.

The Boho Baker

The Hungry Apron Ambassador Profile


When it comes to photographing food, it's not just about preparing a quality recipe, but also about the story behind it.

The Hungry Apron

Izzy & Pop Ambassador Profile

I think good photography is key in running a creative business and I’ve been having lots of fun developing my skills in this area!

Izzy & Pop

Cake & Moss Ambassador Profile

I love being creative and incorporating nature or botanical elements into whatever I create.

Cake & Moss

Little Family London Ambassador Profile

Some of my favourite things to capture are flatlays and florals, playing around with colour and composition to get the perfect shot. 

Eighty 20 Nutrition Ambassador Profile

I love lifestyle shots with hands, children, pets and obviously food because I love showing the connection between humans and food.  

Eighty 20 Nutrition

Paper Grace Ambassador Profile

I use the invaluable experience and insights from my previous career as a fashion designer to help me create gorgeous on-trend designs.