What are Photo Boards?

Photo Boards® are small photography backdrops designed to look like real textures in small scenes where the background or surface is in contact with the subject.

They are ideal for Makers, Artists, Bloggers, Retailers, Social media stars, Foodies and anyone who photographs subjects ranging in size from earrings up to cushions.

Photo Boards are light weight, wipe-clean, durable backdrops made from PVC with a printed design in a smooth satin photographic finish on one side that looks like a real textured background/surface.

For tips on how to get the best results from your boards, visit the how to use Photo Boards page!


Photo Boards Photography Backdrops


Why choose a Photo Boards® backdrop over a vinyl or paper backdrop?

  • Photo Boards® are easily swapped for an instant new look and require no hanging mechanism or set up time.
  • The true beauty of Photo Boards® is the high resolution clarity in the designs thanks to being printed onto a smooth solid surface.
  • Photo Boards® are exact 1:1 scale replicas of original and unique designs and you can use them close up without seeing texture patterns appearing from the printed material, as often found with vinyl alternatives.
  • Designed by a Photographer for Photographers, Photo Boards® are loved by both professionals and home based photographers who wish to create a professional look for their social feed, blog or retail business.
  • Photo Boards® can be easily propped up against a wall or an object on your table, for an instant new fake wall behind your scene without any structures, supports or taping required.
  • Use as a single surface or combine with another board for a realistic table/wall combo thanks to the straight edges and solid design.
  • Photo Boards® are lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry your subjects on, allowing you to easily relocate your flatlay scenes to a new window or set your scene aside while you work on other tasks.
  • Photo Boards® are shipped worldwide by our experienced dispatch team!

What size are Photo Boards?

Photo Boards are currently available in 40cm or 60cm square sizes and are 3mm thickness. We don't enlarge or shrink the original design to ensure that they look real in your photographs - this means that your chosen design might only be available in one of the two board sizes, but we will be adding to the collection with lots of new designs!

Why are Photo Boards® only available in small sizes?

Large photography backdrops are widely available from other companies but not so suitable for close up work due to the resolution of the designs not being of the high quality that close up work requires.

If you photograph large products or scenes you don't need to worry about the quality so much and can use large backdrops that you can blur out in the background. Photo Boards® are designed especially for the small product/food industries where super real looking backgrounds are essential because they sit in direct contact with the subjects.

Can I zoom right in on a Photo Board and photograph it up close?

Photo Boards are printed, so if magnified you will see the make up of the print. Despite being super high resolution you should not magnify your boards beyond what the eye can see otherwise you will see the dots of the print. 

Do you offer bespoke designs?

Not at the moment, sorry! Each Photo Board goes through a lengthy design process to ensure that they look great in your photos, they are then mass manufactured in the UK to bring the price per board down to an affordable price for customers. Therefore to create a one off Photo Board would be very expensive!

Are Photo Boards just printed stock photos?

Absolutely not! It's a common misconception that Photo Boards are just printed stock photos, but that would produce a flat looking background lacking in detail and lacking the unique depth/true to life appearance that Photo Boards have.

Photo Boards look real in photographs due to their unique (top secret) design process that ensures each detail from the original texture is replicated perfectly.

Are Photo Boards fragile?

Not really, despite being light weight they are made of tough, flexible PVC, so will not easily break but they can easily scratch, so take care of your boards to keep them looking great in every photo.

Photo Boards can be gently wiped with a dry cloth without affecting the design (do not scrub or use liquids/chemicals!). Store out of direct sunlight and do not submerge your boards in water.

My favourite design is out of stock! Will you have more soon?

Yes! Only when the stock is in our warehouse will the items show as available to purchase so that they can be dispatched within a few days. If your favourite Photo Board is out of stock, check back soon. 

Can I get a 40cm design in the 60cm size and vice versa?

All of our new designs are available in both 40cm and 60cm sizes, but some of our original designs are unique to their size. For example the Marble 40cm design is a replica of an actual 40cm sized piece of marble. If we enlarge the design it will look out of scale, all designs are 1:1 replicas so that they look real in your photos.

What are the rules regarding copyright?

All of our designs that feature on the Photo Boards are copyright protected and as with any original artworks come with usage restrictions that mean they must only be used for the purpose that they are intended - for use as photography backdrops & surfaces.

You can use the photo boards as backdrops or surfaces in your photographs of any subjects and your resulting photos are yours to share, sell, print and do whatever you like with. You can also include the boards in behind-the-scenes photos, for example social media shots of the boards in use. You can photograph them however you like providing they are not directly reproduced or scanned.

You cannot directly reproduce or scan the boards or part of the design in their original state and share/display/sell them (or altered versions of them) in any digital or printed format. To directly replicate the boards is considered copyright infringement.

If you wish to feature the photo boards in digital designs (for example behind a written quote), the board must be accompanied by at least one non-digital element that you have added at photography stage.

The Photo Boards® concept, design and all imagery is ©Lyndsey James 2017.

Photo Boards® and PhotoBoards® are registered trademarks of Lyndsey James.


Where do you deliver Photo Boards to?

We deliver Photo Boards to many countries around the world. See the delivery page for more information.

What is your returns/refund policy?

You can view our return, refund and privacy policies by following the relevant links on the checkout page.

What if I have a problem with my order?

Visit www.photoboards.org/myorder to contact us about your order and we will be happy to help.