meet the Photo Boards team


November 2017

Photo Boards celebrates its first birthday!

FREE global shipping thresholds are introduced.

Popular 60cm designs have new 40cm siblings!

WEX Photo Video includes Photo Boards POS in their new flagship Whitechapel Store.


October 2017

Work begins on exciting new Photo Boards designs for Spring 2018.

Planning beings for a large Photo Boards stand at the 2018 Photography Show.


September 2017

Photo Boards gets another website makeover with some cool new functions and account login for customers.



August 2017

WEX Photo Video take on Photo Boards as a new product line in the UK's largest Photographic store and online. Exciting times for Photo Boards!


July 2017

16 New Photo Boards designs are launched, only some of them sell out in hours, Lyndsey is getting better at guessing stock levels for popular designs.


June 2017

Manufacturing is stepped up to mass levels, Photo Boards start arriving on pallets instead of boxes.


May 2017

Famous brands become Photo Boards customers and there is a good deal of dancing in the office.


April 2017

8 New Photo Boards are launched and sell out in hours. Lyndsey still hasn't got the hang of how much stock to order.


March 2017

An exciting month as the Photo Boards brand name is officially trademarked, the Photo Boards name and use of the phrase Photo Boards is exclusive to Lyndsey James!

Customer number 1000 orders Photo Boards!

A new website is launched, replacing the very basic original design.


February 2017

After wrapping each Photo Board by hand with tissue paper, a delivery of 10,000 bespoke sized peal and seal bags arrives at HQ. Wrapping Photo Boards becomes a lot faster.

8 New Photo Boards designs are launched and sell out in hours.


January 2017

Customer number 500 orders Photo Boards backdrops!


Christmas Day 2016

10% of Christmas Day sales are donated to the charity Shelter, raising £300.


Christmas Eve 2016

6 Weeks after launch, 6 new Photo Boards designs go on sale. The website is still very basic, there are no photos of Photo Boards in use.


18th November 2016

A week after Photo Boards go on sale the 100th Customer orders their backdrops. The first customers receive their Photo Boards and images of them in use appear on Instagram. The @PhotoBoardsHQ Instagram account grows at an alarming rate.


11th November 2016

After promising the 11th as a soft launch date to her students the website can't be empty! Phantom stock levels are added with extended delivery times and higher volumes of Photo Boards are put into production.

Lyndsey's friend Suzy arrives to help wrap the 160 Photo Boards that were expected to take 6 months to sell. They drink prosecco and eat lots of cake, it helps with the wrapping.


10th November 2016

Lyndsey decides to share the website with her students before it is complete with marketing text, sales photos etc, expecting that just one or two will purchase and trial Photo Boards. All 160 Photo Boards stock sell out in 24hrs. 

Panic ensues.


October 2016

After a solid month of further research the first Photo Board prototypes are created. 16 of the 20 test designs are deemed good enough for sale after testing by Lyndsey. 10 of each design are printed and added to a very basic website. 


September 2016

Years after her seed of an idea and the dream tabletop backdrop product still doesn't exist, so research begins into the creation of Photo Boards. It quickly becomes clear that a printed photo just won't get the results that are needed for pin sharp macro work. Lyndsey meets with her publishing contacts and discovers new texture reproduction technology.



Lyndsey's online students share the struggle in finding beautiful small backdrops, skilled from many years of creating her own interesting textured backdrops, Lyndsey adds a Backdrop Painting workshop to her courses, it sells out in minutes.


Sometime in 2014

Commercial Photographer Lyndsey James struggles to find beautiful backdrops for use at her Photocraft Photography Workshops and has the idea for Photo Boards, a lightweight board format tabletop backdrop that is so high quality it looks real in her student's photos. She decides to shelf the idea due to the launch of her online workshops keeping her so busy and hopes that someone else will create them in the meantime - saving the photography world of the struggle!