Perfect for Greetings Cards and Stationery.

Photo Boards® make the perfect lightweight backdrop for photographing greeting cards, stationery and other small pieces of artwork. With over 30 different designs, there are plenty of options to complement your work.

Achieve consistent, stylish photos every time to ensure stationery and artwork look great online, whether that is on your website, an online marketplace or your Instagram grid.

Our 40cm Photo Board size is perfect for shots of greetings cards, while creators of larger prints or collections of items will find the 60cm size more suitable.

Farmhouse wood effect Photo Board

Rustic Wood Effect Photo Backdrops

Add natural tones to your images with a wood effect Photo Board. Farmhouse is our bestselling wood effect design, with warm rustic tones complete with scratches, cracks and water marks, it looks just like a trusty, reliable, well used craft table. 

Our newer Woodland design is proving to be a popular choice too with its ultra realistic grooves and grain that look just like a real wooden surface. 

Stratfordis another interesting wood effect Photo Board, with a slightly more rough appearance, faded paint and worn areas give the impression of an upcycled wooden table with both wide and thin wood panels.

The Kyoto Photo Board offers a modern feel with its warm, wooden, thin panel design. The scratches, marks and wood grain all look realistic and we've even seen our Kyoto design used as a vertical backdrop to imitate a stylish wooden clad wall.

Opt for some ashy tones and thick panels with our Autumn Photo Board to recreate a beautiful stationery desk. Best of all, Photo Boards® create the illusion of these beautiful wooden surfaces without you having to source and transport real, heavy pieces of wood.

Use the straight lines in our wooden design Photo Boards® to your advantage to create a neat and organised feeling to your images. If you’re creating a flatlay, arrange your Greeting Cards or Artwork so that the edges sit parallel to the lines in the design to produce smart, beautiful product photos.

Textured Effect Photo Boards

Achieve a minimal feel with our monochrome boards. Our light grey Clay Photo Board has a very subtle plaster appearance and can help to create calm, modern, minimal style in photos.

Putty is another plaster effect Photo Board. The subtle texture looks really effective in close-up photography. Soft putty pink blends with patchy greys to create an elegant plaster effect, perfect for soft and natural lighting.

Go darker with our Charcoal metal effect Photo Board. Black and grey, with a scratched and slightly rusty surface this Photo Board can create a minimal feel to your product photos, while still looking more interesting than a plain black background.

White Wood Photography Backdrops

Our St Ives and Whitewashed Photo Boards are both white, wood effect backdrops which can give your photographs a bright, fresh background with some interesting, yet minimal detail. Instead of rolling out a plain white backdrop to shoot your Greetings Cards or Artwork, a Whitewashed or St Ives Photo Board can maintain that clean minimal effect with the added bonus of the beautiful wooden detail.

While not strictly monochrome, our Nordic carved wood effect Photo Board can still give your images a bright, fresh appearance with intricate hand carved detail emphasising a craft, artisanal feel. We find theNordic Photo Board works particularly well as a festive backdrop, so could complement a Christmas or other winter card shoot.