Photo Boards® Photographer Spotlight.

About Ellis

Ellis is a photographer and videographer based in Bath. Having had an interest in photography from a young age, Ellis has been working commercially since 2018.

His work is heavily inspired by nature and architecture. Ellis specialises in travel, lifestyle and product photography which is where he likes to use Photo Boards. Inspired and motivated by the photography community,

Ellis has found that Instagram and other social networks have had a massive impact on his life, allowing him to meet and make friends with some of the most amazing and talented people.

Ellis uses Canon EOS R cameras, a range of Canon RF lenses with Godox and Aputure studio lights and modifiers.

We asked Ellis why he loves to use Photo Boards®.

The first thing I think of when it comes to Photo Boards is quality. I spent ages searching for really decent quality photo surfaces and backdrops for my product and lifestyle work and the majority of what I found just didn’t really fit the mould. When I discovered Photo Boards, the high amount of fine detail in the actual print and thickness of the boards was incredible. The care and level of accuracy that goes into making them really hooked me and I’ve continued to use Photo Boards ever since because of how reliable they are.

Living in Bath, space can be tricky to work with when creating studio like spaces. Having the range of photo board textures and surfaces makes life so much easier to create high quality product and lifestyle work for my clients and my social media whilst being able to keep my setup minimal.

The boards are incredibly simple to use and really easy to clean if you’re doing any form of food photography or similar styles of work. You don’t have to worry about the print coming off or damaging the board. A damp cloth and quick wipe over is all you need. I often do work for a wine company and there’s been plenty of spilt wine and I’ve never had any staining or marks. 

My favourite and most used designs are the BARN, SMOKEHOUSE and SPOTLIGHT boards. The KYOTO board is also becoming a new favourite.

I often use the SPOTLIGHT as my backdrop if shooting the subject horizontally but it also works really nicely if you want subtle textures.

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