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About Kate

Kate has a fine art background and studied the history of art at degree level. Her early career in London involved working in TV marketing, fine art publishing and brand consultancy. Following a move out of central London she launched her photography business in 2010 and introduced filming under the byLumiere brand in 2015.

Kate plays an active role in the photography industry, regularly writes features for a number of magazines and has filmed a photography masterclass for digital TV channel Planet Eat.  Between 2013 and 2015 she shot on DSLR and represented Nikon. She switched to mirrorless in 2016 and is currently a European Sony Imaging Ambassador.  She is also a director of the UK photography school Training byLUMIERE.

Kate is inspired by her painting background and views photography is a very similar way - using light, composition and colour to bring images of people and food to life.  She loves the Sony Alpha cameras and lenses but is also an Ambassador for Profoto and is equally comfortable with natural or artificial lighting.

Photo Boards were one of Kate’s favourite discoveries and a key element of how she styles her food (and drinks) photography.  She loves how they instantly change the feel of an image and work for both low and high contrast lighting set ups.  Whilst she has a particular love of moody food photography many clients want a light and airy feel so she has a range of styles to offer as much variety as possible (ie Whitewashed).   She uses them as both ‘worktops’ but also backdrops and loves how easy to transport they are and wipe clean - essential for working with food and drink!  Her current fave is ‘Barn’.

You can see how Kate uses Photo Boards on WEX’s online platform with an introduction on How To Photograph Food Professionally.

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