I have been using Photo Boards for photographing my papercrafts for the last year and they've really upped my presentation! I love the textures and sturdiness of the boards. I recommend them to all of my crafty friends and eagerly await the new releases!

Jessica - All the Sparkle Papercrafts

Literal lifesaver! For years I've used bits of wallpaper and self-printed bits of paper for my product photography. I am so thrilled to finally have something solid and substantial that looks so good and realistic. The quality is amazing and postage is super fast.

Tara - Cake for Corvids

Photo Boards have given my product shots such a professional and creative edge, I couldn't live without my collection! They are my go to backgrounds whenever I need to shoot new stationery. There is such a great array of textures, you can get such varied images.

Louise - Lou Paper

"I love the flexibility of Photo Boards. The fact that I can have them neatly stacked behind my desk ready to use, balance them on the window sill to take advantage of natural daylight or even carry them to Photography Club workshops to share without any fuss is great. The range of designs and sizes allows me to switch settings for still life images with ease, changing the feel immediately. I have quite a collection already and will always want more!" - Lynn E

"The quality of Photo Boards is fantastic and they are so realistic. There is a background to suit everyone, but I think I need all of them just in case! They enhance products and add a touch of class to the styling. A fabulous idea." - Bev M

"Photo Boards capture the texture of the original surface, which translates to a highly effective and realistic backdrop when lit evenly by natural light.

They save you the time and hassle of sourcing the perfect still-life surface."



"I absolutely love these boards, they were just the solution I was looking for. I already have about ten, but they're so easy to store and use the collection keeps growing. I find having a selection means you've always got the right colour and style to go with whatever it is you're trying to photograph."

Natalie B

"My experience with Photo Boards and their team has been extraordinary! They have the best delivery turnaround, and all the boards come in perfect condition. I have a growing collection that I adore! I would highly recommend shopping with Photo Boards, and do not hesitate to reach out to them since their customer service is the best! Thank you for creating these beautiful boards for creatives to use!"

Rubeena I

"If you told me a few months ago that I would become obsessed with Photo Boards I would have laughed. But then I was pointed in the direction of Photo Boards and haven’t looked back. My photos have improved ten fold and that’s thanks to these boards. I now have three in my collection and I'm on the hunt for more!"

Jennifer C

I have purchased two boards recently and they make such a difference to my photos. They literally bring my cards to life and I would be completely lost without them!

Vicki P

I absolutely adore my Photo Boards. They are perfect for taking photos of my jewellery. They look professional and arrive so quickly. I’m always eager to see what gorgeous, new designs are being released next!

Sarah, Penny Masquerade

Received my Photo Board really quickly and I am so impressed with how real it looks in my images. Will definitely be purchasing more!

Jenna, Jenna Marshall Photography

Amazing! Arrived so quickly. So excited to start using my Photo Board! So realistic - this will really help me when taking photos of my craft products to sell! Thank you so so so much!

Sophie J

I am so happy that I have found you! I was looking for Photo Boards all over the place and one day I saw a flatlay with your logo on it! I'm very excited to see what you have in store for us in the future! Great company!

Yolande G

I love Photo Boards! As a small business owner, using Photo Boards has completely revamped my product photos. They immediately look more professional and stylish. The portability is invaluable as it allows me to chase the light around my house!

Zoe R

Love my new Photo Boards! Great for providing a consistent backdrop for photos for my online shop and on social media. Was using a homemade pallet wood backdrop but being lighter, Photo Boards are so much easier to move around to set up the perfect scene! Very impressive service too, arrived next day!

Claire - Amelie's Crafthouse

I love the way I can set up a product shot and move it to find the best light. The choice of backgrounds is really extensive; I have several, which makes it really easy to change the mood with my photography. I’ve been using them since Photo Boards first launched and I’ve found them to be really hardwearing and have got my eye on a few more! Lyndsey is a really great photographer with fabulous customer service. I’d definitely recommend these boards for easy product shots!

Sally - How Fine Designs

I had seen Photo Boards featured on various Instagram feeds and I was instantly drawn to how realistic they looked. After trying all sorts of backdrops, I decided to try some of these. They arrived fast and do not disappoint! Every one I bought looks amazing in photographs and I look forward to adding more to my collection.

Emily - Leiphart On Art

"I absolutely love Photo Boards! I may even be a little obsessed with them! I have been looking for something like this for a while now but usually ended up with backgrounds that were either too bulky or difficult to store or move. These are perfect! They're sturdy, yet lightweight. They're also very easy to store and transport easily around my house to the best light source. The resolution on these boards is amazing and they photograph very realistically. I highly recommend these!"

Rachel A

" I love using my Photo Boards for flatlays, which I share on my blog and social media. I'm often asked how many amazing places I go to take my photos - I can reply they are all taken in my shed with my Photo Boards! Lovely quality, amazing detail, great texture - love them!  "

Janine - Janmary Blog

"Absolutely in LOVE with these boards! I live in a small space and backgrounds were always a struggle, until I found Photo Boards - now I can switch textures and colours in a second and when I'm done they take minimum space in the corner. Plus, I can take the studio with me! Especially the 40cm boards, I can just slip in a large tote bag and head out for a photoshoot! And did I mention how easy they are to clean? A truly brilliant idea that completely changed my photography experience - and so beautiful too!"

Naama E

I I really love the realistic look. Totally in love with my SPOTLIGHT plaster effect Photo Board. Just bought four - definitely not my last purchase. I need a lot more.

Anette - Happy Made

EARL was my first Photo Board, bought to use as a backdrop for a course I was doing. I am amazed at how fabulous it looks in my photos. I'm looking forward to adding to my collection.

Hilary D

My first purchase from Photo Boards and won’t be my last. Sturdy and attractive backdrops that improve photos no end!

Vicki C

Plenty of choice, quick delivery and we’ve had so many compliments since using Photo Boards.

Nia B

I cannot live without my Photo Boards, I use them every single day. Gone are the days of the boring blank white boards. Hooray for colour and texture that looks so real you could almost touch it. I cannot rave about my boards enough. They are perfect for all my product photography!

Nisha S-W

Photo Boards are a total game changer for bloggers like me. They have taken my photos to the next level, making them look professional and stylish. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

Gemma C

" Wow! How much easier is my life now with my stunning Photo Boards! I used to spend hours on end painting bits of wood and whatever I could to use as a base. Now I simply get one of my Photo Boards out! There is such a selection to choose from and the quality is amazing. I now own three boards and have three more on my wish list! "

Ciara - Ciara Patrick Designs

"Photo Boards have changed my photography from average to great! Now I no longer need a professional to take my product shots. They make me look like a pro! They are so realistic, I have about nine of them, each perfect for different products of mine! They arrive beautifully packaged and very quickly! I always get excited about the new ones that come out. Thank you for making such a great product! I love taking my own photos now!"

Abigail B

"I was completely blown away with how these boards photograph when I got my first ones. They are great for both my customers who want great backgrounds for their products and for my students who want to grow their kit. I love seeing what I can do with the boards I have and my wish list is huge! Essential for creative photography."

Sarah H

Photo Boards offer excellent value for money, a fabulous product and a very fast and efficient service. My first choice when looking for photography backdrops!

Jeanette - Tinker Jo

Photo Boards are one of my favourite tools for making my social media look more interesting and consistent. They make photographing my work super easy and the customer service is always great. The only problem is I want to buy them all!

Seren W

I have several Photo Boards. They are invaluable and have cut my photographing time in half. Brilliant!

Carole P

"I can't fault Photo Boards! The website is easy to use, the delivery is quick, and the products themselves are just wonderful. I ordered one at first, as I was skeptical, but they really do deliver. Providing you're not bouncing light off them, they look absolutely real, and provide the perfect backdrop for all kinds of photography projects. I was so pleased with my first order that I placed another for three more, all of which are just as good. The boards feel luxurious and hardwearing, and the plain white reverse doubles as a nice clean surface for a whole new shoot. Plus they're affordable enough for a hobby business or for someone just starting out. My wallpaper-samples-glued-to-scrap-wood are in the recycling. It's Photo Boards all the way now!"

Helen C

"Before I discovered Photo Boards I was using paper backed onto cardboard. Not a great option, but better than nothing. But now I have Photo Boards and my blog photos look amazing! No more worrying about whether or not my layout will fit as with two sizes to choose from I'm now spoiled for choice. Love the texture these boards add to my photos."

Donna P

"I bought my first three boards just after Photo Boards launched online. I love using them for my handmade paper goods business. So much so, that I recently purchased five more after I re-shot my old images and sold out in a few weeks! I can definitely say these boards have made a huge difference to my images."

Steffen - Steffen Tuck Interior Architecture

I’ve purchased Photo Boards to improve the photography of my art. I'm always impressed with their fast shipping and professional packing. You will not regret giving them a try. I bet you will be as addicted to them as I am!

Alix D

I love the 60cm Photo Boards. They make it much easier to take professional looking photos and the fact they are wipeable is a bonus. I am building up my stock of these boards!

Jacqueline M

My first purchase from Photo Boards and won’t be my last. Sturdy and attractive backdrops that improve photos no end!

Vicki C

I love my WHITEWASHED Photo Board as it has made my photos instantly more professional looking. It is easy to use, easy to store and wipe clean. It can be used as a base or backdrop. It is so authentic looking and gives my photos a true coastal feel. I am already planning my next purchase!

Jacqueline - Blue Anchor Bay

I love Photo Boards because of the flexibility they give me both in terms of time and space. Today I was shooting a range of candles and bath salts and with just a couple of boards and a few props I managed to recreate kitchen scenes, offices scenes and a bathroom, all without leaving my studio, and crucially all quite quickly too!

Karen - KSP Photography

I've followed Photo Boards online for a really long time after seeing a friend's gorgeously styled photos using the MERINO board. I waited a year to place my order, feeling like it wasn't a necessity, but now I just think of all the missed opportunities to take lovely product photos! Now I have my own MERINO backdrop and already it is brightening up my photos and Instagram feed. It makes photographing my work so much easier given that I'm not living in a luxury, all white and bright home where the sun always shines! It's so easy to edit and style photos to be bright and sharp, and adds another aspect of professionalism to my work. Very happy!

Sophie - Wallflower Weavings

Photo Boards have enabled me to take professional photos of my products quickly and easily with minimum fuss. I have quite a collection of boards now, especially the 60cm size.

Charlotte - Lottie Knits

Fantastic swift service and a lovely board, even when used with strobes it's very realistic but with the obvious weight benefits. Will definitely be back for more. Highly recommended and the best faux material I have sourced to date. Thanks guys! 

Darren M

Absolutely love my Photo Board - it has enabled me to get consistent stock photos. It's so portable and durable with a flawless finish and the service is top notch.

Gemma K

"I love using Photo Boards. So simple to set up and you can take them to the best light source. I usually have mine set up right next to a window and use them for product photography and flatlays. I love that they are light, easy to store and transport. Good images are so important in my work and Photo Boards help me achieve great results every time. I've even persuaded my workplace to start using them too for our food photography. The only problem I have is that I want them all now!"

Emma J

"I've been using Photo Boards since they first launched, and I love them. They have really helped me 'up my photography game' (along with one of Lyndsey's workshops that I attended in 2016). As a busy business owner, I have such limited time for taking photos, but they are absolutely fundamental to telling my story on social media and my shop website. So being able to whip out a Photo Board and snap some quick images has made a world of difference to me! These days I get lots of compliments about my product photos, and I know that using these high quality backdrops is one of the main reasons for that."

Lucy - Magnolia Tree Crafts

"When I first saw the email from Lyndsey about Photo Boards I was really excited because up to that moment I took all my product photos on a white background. First I ordered two Photo Boards and when I got them I just fell in love. Since then I added to my collection and now I have seven in total and I want to add even more to my collection. I must admit my photos (for Instagram, and for my online shop) are significantly better and more interesting now. I even remember replacing some of my old photos with new ones made on the photo boards I instantly got orders for the products I shot on them."

Valentina - Precious Life Moments

I received my Photo Boards today and I only ordered them three days ago! I love them and can't wait to use them.

Sharon GH

I love Photo Boards. They have taken my photography from amateur shots to a whole new level. They are so realistic and really add to my projects that I am photographing.

Lynn B

My first purchase from Photo Boards and won’t be my last. Sturdy and attractive backdrops that improve photos no end!

Vicki C

"I wanted something that would give my product photos a more professional edge. Photo Boards aren't cheap but you really do get what you pay for. They're great quality, useful sizes and will last for years to come. I have three so far and plan to invest in some more in the near future."

Joanna B

"Photo Boards have really transformed the way I take my photos, and have vastly improved my social media feeds, too. They add an extra layer of depth and interest to my photos, and a consistency to my Instagram. The boards are excellent quality, sturdy and durable and incredibly realistic."

Samantha - Pear Paper Co

"I bought my first Photo Boards in January 2017 and was so impressed with them that I bought a lot more when I attended one of Lyndsey's workshops in the summer. I'm now coveting several more that I plan to buy as a reward for myself when I complete a big project that I'm working on. I would recommend these lovely boards to anyone who is struggling to produce attractive photos of small items."

Shirley S