The Art of Styling E-Course


This e-course is created for makers & sellers of small products, teaching skills that will enable you to effortlessly style beautiful images that will elevate your brand.

Through easy to follow online videos and guides, you will learn:

- A step by step method for achieving beautifully styled photos, confidently, successfully, every time.

- How mood boards will help to keep you focussed on your brand image and offer so many styling ideas for your own products.

- How to tell your story, the story of you and your brand through images that will be your own unique style.

- How to choose versatile props and backdrops that will work hard for you, time and time again, to subtly enhance your product photos without breaking the bank.

- How to communicate a sense of place with your styling choices and sell a lifestyle that your customers will want to invest in.

This workshop will break down the art of styling into manageable and practical elements so memorable, they will become second nature as you apply them to your own product photography.

Learn our go-to styling and composition techniques so you can build your own brand style and discover the common mistakes to avoid. Create the illusion of different room settings for your product types and discover why storytelling is the most important lesson of all.

Who is this workshop designed for?

If you run a brand that makes or sells small products (from pottery to jewellery, lampshades to handbags) and you are frustrated with your photography, or you can’t justify hiring a pro, then this is the course for you.

If you are a one-man-band kind of business, then this course is essential for reducing the frustrating amount of time spent aimlessly styling without proven methods.

If you strive for a consistent brand image where your photos sell a specific look/lifestyle to your customers, this course will help you to join the dots.

If you want to effortlessly make things look beautiful as second nature, sign up today.

What’s included?

Lifelong access.

You’ll receive your login instructions upon purchase and can start/study at your own pace - returning to the lessons again and again.

5 hours of videos.

Inspiring lessons teaching everything you need, in easy to digest, short videos. Login and watch on any device.

Q&A session.

Submit your questions for a recorded Q&A session with your tutors and pick up even more tips & inspiration.


Branded packaging

Save money and packaging by purchasing Photo Boards® without branded sleeves.

Instead we'll wrap your purchases beautifully in brown paper which you can easily pop into your recycling bin.

We make small backdrops.

Photo Boards® are designed by pro photographers, specifically for capturing mega close up shots. We love to use them instead of heavy pieces of wood and marble and we are confident they are the highest quality macro backdrops you'll find.

The 60 x 60cm Photo Board (pictured) is perfect for capturing dishes of deliciousness in food photography.

The smaller 40 x 40cm cropped version is ideal for tiny subjects such as jewellery, or your coin collection.

Happy Photographers.

Loved by all skill levels of photographers and brands both large and small, Photo Boards are the cost-effective backdrop solution for creating an instant, stylish table-top set for product & food photography.

Easy to store, set up and shoot, Photo Boards will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to get creative, and level-up your shots to look professional in a crowded online world.

Simply unwrap, place and shoot and discover how a true replica background can transform your photography.

Photo Boards® are exact 1:1 replicas of beautiful original designs, created or collected by our founder Lyndsey James. From painted effects to pieces of marble, wood and metal, each unique original piece is replicated to perfection, before shadow depth is added to enhance the true-to-life appearance when used in your photos. The result is a true to scale background which looks just like the real thing!

Photo Boards® are crafted from lightweight and durable 3mm PVC board. The designs are printed at super high resolution so that you can confidently use them in direct contact with your subjects, without needing to blur them in the background. They are available in 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm sizes.

Loved by awesome brands.


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