Photo Prop Styling Set 02

Warm brass textures add interest and authenticity when used as photo props in food and product photography.

We've collected our favourite into this versatile Photo Styling Set. 

(Photo Boards® sold separately)


x2 Small Brass Bowls

Each bowl is unique in patina (similar to those pictured) with warm toned exterior and silver/pewter tones inside and many charming dents and markings.

Hand wash only. Typical Size: h: 4 cm, dia: 8.5 cm


x1 Brass effect tray

This tray is made of aluminium with a brushed brass effect painted surface and beautifully uneven satin finish surface, which catches the light.

Use as a base layer for jewellery and other small items. Brass effect Aluminium. Dia 20cm

Clean with a dry cloth, due to delicate surface, avoid direct contact with food/liquids.

x1 Natural coloured linen

Linen adds a luxurious, carefree texture to your photo styling and is the perfect layer for softening your scene.

16 x 16" 100% washed European linen 

EASY CARE: Machine washable (40 C/104 F); tumble dry on low heat; wash separately or with similar colours. Wrinkling is part of linen's charm – the more wrinkled the fabric, the purer it is. We do not recommend ironing your linens but if you must, do it on low heat when the garment is still a little damp.

Photo Boards® Sizes Explained.

Our standard size Photo Board is 60 x 60cm square (pictured). Perfect for food and product photographers.

We also offer a 40 x 40cm cropped version of the designs, ideal for macro photography of smaller items, such as jewellery.

Happy Photographers.

Loved by all skill levels of photographers and brands both large and small, Photo Boards are the cost-effective backdrop solution for creating an instant, stylish table-top set for product & food photography.

Easy to store, set up and shoot, Photo Boards will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to get creative, and level-up your shots to look professional in a crowded online world.

Simply unwrap, place and shoot and discover how a true replica background can transform your photography.

Photo Boards® are exact 1:1 replicas of beautiful original designs, created or collected by our founder Lyndsey James. From painted effects to pieces of marble, wood and metal, each unique original piece is replicated to perfection, before shadow depth is added to enhance the true-to-life appearance when used in your photos. The result is a true to scale background which looks just like the real thing!

Photo Boards® are crafted from lightweight and durable 3mm PVC board. The designs are printed at super high resolution so that you can confidently use them in direct contact with your subjects, without needing to blur them in the background. They are available in 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm sizes.

Loved by awesome brands.