• Lyndsey James Aug 15, 2017

    How to create a delicate, romantic photo style

    Beautiful, delicately styled photographs are a joy to create and easy to achieve. I have demonstrated this with very simple subjects in the photos below, none of them include a whole stage of props, just my subject, a Photo Board and some natural daylight. This week I am sharing tips for creating soft, delicate, romantic styled photos perfect for wedding, jewellery, beauty, gift and baking photo themes. I have selected my favourite...


  • Lyndsey James Aug 08, 2017

    Photo Boards, an introduction.

    Hello and thanks for popping by the Photo Boards® blog. For those who are new to Photo Boards they are a relatively new product, so don't worry you haven't missed out on something fabulous for all this time! They didn't so much as 'launch' but simply went on sale one day last autumn from a very basic website to my Photocraft photography students. What followed was an unexpected, very sudden, global...