• Photo Boards

    Beautiful Backgrounds for small scene photography
  • Photo Boards

    Beautiful Backgrounds for small scene photography




Photo Boards - Product Photography Backdrops

Photo Boards - Product Photography Backgrounds

Photo Boards® are an exciting new type of photography backdrop designed especially for small scenes!

With studio backdrops not offering the true to scale detail and solid surface that photographers of small subjects need, these mini backdrops are the perfect solution for photographers searching for a time-saving, fake photo backdrop that looks like real Marble, Wood, Linen or Stone.

Each lightweight Photo Board is a unique design, with every tiny detail recreated with great attention to depth, colour, tone and brightness levels, ensuring that when photographed correctly under daylight conditions they appear as a true replica of the original texture. Making them perfect small photography backdrop boards. Unlike most large vinyl or paper backdrops, these mini backdrops are super high-resolution so look perfect even during close-up product photography.

With a smooth lustre finish Photo Boards can be dry-wiped clean of crumbs making them the perfect background for food photography. The sharp details and beautiful styles on offer make finding a backdrop for product photography a breeze, and bloggers love how the rigid design of Photo Boards make styling quick scenes easy.

PhotoBoards add beautiful background textures to close up photography, making them ideal for jewellery photo backgrounds, blog photography backgrounds, food photo backgrounds, flatlay photo backgrounds and many more small scene photo shoots.

Loved by hobby and pro photographers, stylists and retailers, Photo Boards are the perfect photo backdrop for close-up photography.