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FLORENCE Photo Boards® Photography Backdrop

Size: 40 x 40cm £20

This realistic wood-effect FLORENCE Photo Boards® Photography Backdrop is a practical choice for close-up product and food photography.

With two size options, 40cm and 60cm square, this backdrop is easily wiped clean, lightweight and captures the desired scale.


Lightweight and durable our photography backdrop boards can be moved and rotated in seconds making it easy to achieve professional results

Photo Boards® are exact 1:1 replicas of beautiful original designs, created or collected by our founder Lyndsey James. From painted effects to pieces of marble, wood and metal, each unique original piece is replicated to perfection, before shadow depth is added to enhance the true-to-life appearance when used in your photos. The result is a true to scale background which looks just like the real thing!

Photo Boards® are crafted from lightweight and durable 3mm PVC board. The designs are printed at super high resolution so that you can confidently use them in direct contact with your subjects, without needing to blur them in the background. They are available in 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm sizes.