These are the latest designs that have been added to the Photo Boards® collection.

Many of the new designs are in response to customers' feedback as to what would make the perfect photography backdrops for them.

The Photo Boards® collection of photography backgrounds are constantly being updated, so check back from time to time to see the latest additions to add to your armoury.




Photo Boards® are 1:1 scale, high-resolution, small photography backdrop boards that make product, food and lifestyle photography easy for Designers, Makers, Artists and Bloggers.

The main feature of Photo Boards is that they look super real, just like actual wood, stone, fabric or metal, so people will think they are the real thing in your photos! Simply drop them into your scene as a new surface or background and shoot.

Unlike most large vinyl or paper backdrops, these mini backdrops are super high-resolution so look perfect even during close-up product photography.

PhotoBoards add beautiful background textures to close up photography, making them ideal for jewellery photo backgrounds, blog photography backgrounds, food photo backgrounds, flat-lay photo backgrounds and many more small scene photo shoots.


Why Photo Boards?





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