Focus On: CLAY

Photo Boards® Focus On: CLAY.

Soft taupe, grey plastered wall effect with subtle texture for a versatile, rustic backdrop.

Clay plaster effect Photo Boards®

Our Clay Photo Board is a neutral, subtle design with some interesting textures that imitate a plastered wall, or a concrete surface. Perfect for soft and natural lighting, this board has a clean, modern feel with a rugged, unfinished appearance.

This clean, modern feel could work well in a kitchen or bathroom set, paired with a marble effect Photo Board such as Cosmopolitan, Versailles or Highland.

Clay Photo Board with Cosmopolitan Photo Board

The subtle nature of this design make it a perfect backdrop for product and food photography. It has just enough detail and texture to look interesting, yet also smooth and neutral enough that it won’t distract from your subject.

Clay Photo Board perfect for food photography

The rugged, unfinished appearance could imitate a modern internal wall, or add an industrial feel to an image. It works great as a light wall-effect background to a table top set and you could even use it to create the illusion of hanging wall art (see blog post).

Clay Photo Board as a wall to hang art


A popular board for food, drink and product photography, we think it pairs especially well with the soft grey tones in our Autumn, Highland and Cosmopolitan boards, as well as the warmer tones in our Kyoto wood effect board.

Clay Photo Board with autumn Photo Board

I hope you found these ideas useful. Let us know what your favourite Photo Board pairings are, we love hearing from you.

Sean Graham
Online Manager

Photo Boards®

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