The importance of scale in product photography.

The Importance of Scale in Product Photography.

Photo Boards are true-to-scale reproductions of real textured surfaces. Printed in high resolution, they look just like the real thing.

When photographing products, it can be important to show a sense of scale in your images to educate the viewer on the size and shape of your subject. This can be achieved by adding some kind of recognisable element, such as a hand or a prop, that will help show the size of your product.

Photo Boards® can also help reinforce the sense of scale in your photos. With their true-to-scale designs, our backgrounds are perfect to help you show some realistic and recognisable scale in your photos.

Farmhouse Photo Board True to Scale

A rustic FARMHOUSE table top, complete with knots, grain, holes and scratches will add a sense of familiar scale that will enable the viewer to understand the size of a product instantly. The same can be said about some of our other wooden designs.

Barn Photo Board True to Scale

Our BARN board is a customer favourite, with it’s darker, weathered look can be a moodier alternative to FARMHOUSE, while still providing those knots and grain that people will recognise.

If you’re looking for a more modern table top, then check out our AUTUMN Photo Boards®. AUTUMN has natural ashy grey tones, with scratches and knots and works great for product or food photography.

Urban Photo Board True to Scale

The URBAN brick design Photo Board is another perfect choice to show a sense of scale. Containing red bricks with peeling white paint and weathered mortar, this board works best as a backdrop or “wall” rather than a horizontal surface. It could replicate an internal exposed brick wall, or an exterior garden wall, farm building or even a section of a school wall. The familiar brick shape and size will help the viewer understand the scale in the image with just a glance.

Putty  Photo Board True to Scale

To introduce a sense of scale using a more subtle Photo Board, try adding a prop or two to help the viewer interpret size. Think about using everyday objects that people can easily recognise and understand. Flowers and leaves are useful for this. They're instantly recognisable and easy for people to understand their size. You can even use hands to help enforce the sense of scale. Pens and pencils can also be useful. We’ve sourced our props from our sister brand, Oh Curio®.



Sean Graham
Online Manager

Photo Boards®

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