Photo Boards® Focus On: PROVENCE.

Muted greens in various jewel tones feature on this weathered wooden door.

Provence Wood Effect Photo Board

The PROVENCE Photo Board is one of our more colourful designs. Complete with scuffs and marks, this weathered wooden door has loads of character with cracked, peeling green paint and silver wooden tones.

This rustic Photo Board is perfect for soft and natural lighting and we find it works great as a creative table top surface or as a vertical background, imitating an old wooden door.

Provence Photo Board Perfect for Food Photography

The Provence Photo Board works great for food photography. Placed flat as a table top background it can provide a charming al fresco feel of an old garden table. The gentle green tones make for really beautiful, striking food images.

Provence Photo Board Perfect for Product Photography

This design also works really well as a vertical background. Looking like a wooden door in appearance, it could give the impression of a cottage door, or the entrance to a walled garden, or even a gorgeous old window shutter. This can make it a useful backdrop for product photography if you need to add some rustic, country charm to your images. Provence pairs particularly well with our other cooler toned wooden boards, like Barn and Autumn (seen above).

Provence Photo Board for Crafts Photography

We see lots of our creative customers using Provence as a backdrop to their beautiful art prints and crafts. With lots of interesting areas on the Photo Board, you can choose to shoot on the smoother sections, or pick a section with cracks, peeling paint and wood grain.

Provence Photo Board for Crafts Photography

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Sean Graham
Online Manager

Photo Boards®

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