How to add depth to your Photo Board set

Photo Boards are true-to-scale replica backdrops printed in high resolution to look just like the real thing. Sturdy and lightweight, they are the perfect portable backdrop that can easily transform any table top scene.

With a few tips and tricks, we want to teach you how to get the most out of your Photo Boards and take your photographs to the next level.

An easy way to add some depth and interest to your photos is to bring your subject forward, away from the background. Not only will this help to focus the viewer’s attention on your subject, but it can add to the illusion that your Photo Board is a real table top or wall.

Setting up your Photo Boards in an L shape is a great place to start (see our previous tip on How to set up your Photo Boards for a more realistic appearance). It can be tempting to place your subject right at the back of your set as shown below and snap your photo. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we find that with a little adjustment, you can make a big difference to the finished photo.



By placing your subject closer to the front of the base board shown below, you create some space behind the subject. This will make your scene appear bigger giving the illusion of a real lifestyle setting, and you can also use this space to add a prop to enhance the scene.


In this instance, we have also left a small gap between the two Photo Boards, giving the impression that there is distance between the horizontal and the vertical backdrops. Then by moving the bowl closer to the front of the board, we have created depth in the scene to add a folded linen napkin, adding to the idea that this is a kitchen table set. It makes the scene appear bigger, but the viewer’s attention is still drawn to the subject, the bowl and spoon in this case.



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Sean Graham
Online Manager

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