Choosing the Perfect Photo Board

With over 30 designs to choose from, we're sure there is a Photo Board to inspire your next shoot.

If your subject is food photography, it might make good sense to shoot your delicious looking subject on a board that looks like a beautifully rustic table. Our Farmhouse and Autumn boards are perfect for this. While Kyoto offers a more modern tabletop look.

Farmhouse and Kyoto Photo Boards


If you’re looking for something dark, moody and dramatic, try one of our more industrial designs. Foundry can look really striking as a table-top surface with it’s golden rusty tones and blue/grey metal effect. Paired with an old loaf tin, some well used utensils and some well controlled light it can give your food shots an interesting, moody feel. Or if you're looking for a dark and moody wood-effect board, try our Barn or Smokehouse designs.

Rustic wooden effect Barn Photo Board

Get that perfect linen tablecloth look, complete with those realistic creases and crinkles with our Cuisine board. Just add some cutlery and a dining table prop or two and you’re all set.

Cuisine Linen Table Cloth Photo Board

If Mediterranean al fresco is what you’re looking for, then take a look at our stone and plaster effect boards. Our Old Tuscany Photo Board features 9 peachy toned stone tiles, which can replicate a small section of floor, but place some mouth watering tapas dishes and you’re transported to the sunny streets of Italy or Spain. Our beautiful cracked Roma board brings some warm rustic charm to your photo set.

Roma Photo Board

If you’re shooting a piece of jewellery, or a luxury product you might not want to distract the viewer with a busy background. This is when our simpler designs work really well. The warmer tones of Merino or cooler Earl boards give the impression of a gentle texture, while not taking any attention away from your product.

Merino and Earl Photo Boards

A fresh, clean kitchen, bathroom or even floor can be replicated with our marble effect boards. Cosmopolitan is a favourite for that clean kitchen worktop look, while Versailles and Highland give you a similar texture with some variety of tones. Our 40cm marble boards are perfect for those smaller scenes, and so much easier than sourcing a real piece of heavy marble!

Versailles Photo Board with Soap

Clean can be an evocative feeling in a photograph and really influence how a viewer will interpret your image. Some food spilling over onto a marble effect surface can look interesting and still feel clean to the viewer, whereas that same food spilling over onto a rusty metal, or a weathered and rugged looking texture might not have that same clean feeling.

Versailles and Cosmopolitan Marble Effect Photo Boards

Our Urban brick effect Photo Board is really versatile. Use it to achieve a modern exposed interior wall, or a gorgeous garden wall; we've even seen them used as an exposed brick floor. It could be an apartment wall, part of an old school, a farm building, an industrial factory. There is something solid, safe and reliable about the construction of a brick wall. You could use this design in a client brief to emphasize that strength and reliability in your images. The peeling paint and red brick patches add a ruggedness and roughness to the design.

Brick Effect Urban Photo Board

Our Whitewashed board is another favourite. It adds a subtle wood grain to your surface while keeping your background bright and fresh. Perfect for keeping things simple. Whitewashed is another really versatile board that can be used as a table top, a floor or a wall. If you’re looking to photograph something white however, it might not offer enough contrast to allow your subject to stand out and a darker board might be a better option.

Whitewashed wood effect Photo Board

Your Photo Board should inspire you to try new and creative photos, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


Sean Graham
Online Manager

Photo Boards®

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